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Yes, they’re THAT clean!

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What is Hot-Water-Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

Hot-Water-Extraction carpet cleaning (often called steam cleaning) is the required method  for many carpet warranties to remain valid such as, DuPont Stainmaster® and Solutia Wear-Dated® carpets and Shaw industries carpets.

Dry foam, rotary brush, bonnet or dry powder cleaning methods do not clean deep enough and/or they leave too much chemical residue behind. This contributes to rapid re-soiling and is not good for pets and allergies. And we don’t use new un-tested methods, not matter how experimental or “patented”, they simply don’t work as well as pure, safe water!

Just like you clean your clothes in the washer, we use a bio-degradable detergent and agitate it. We then rinse with just pure Wisconsin hot water to leave the carpets squeaky clean, and they dry in only a few hours. The carpets are ready to walk on immediately.

Hot-Water-Extraction not only cleans the carpet, but restores its texture and extends its lifespan in accordance with the warranty from your carpet’s manufacturer.

But most importantly, over all the other cleaning methods in the industry today which we have tested, Nickel’s Hot-Water-Extraction and our 30+ years of business experience can remove spots like Wax, Grease, Rust, Pet Stains, Blood, Nail Polish, Silly Putty, Crayons, Ink, Red/Orange drink dyes, Coffee and many other spots, better than any other system or cleaner.  We don’t guarantee every spot, but we do guarantee to get every spot out better than any other method.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Nickel’s Carpet Care Experts cleaning your carpets with the Hot-Water-Extraction method will truly get at the deepest, most ground in soil and spots. We even take it a step further than other cleaners to rinse your carpets, neutralize detergents or anything else that may have been spilled in the carpet, and extract 97% of the water we use.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Same deep cleaning and protection as the residential, just on a larger scale. We are able to offer after-hours scheduling.

Upholstery & Area Rugs

Using spot treatment and hand wand cleaning we can make furniture look better, be cleaner and extend its use.