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Yes, they’re THAT clean!

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The Process

We want our customers to be our friends. We will be at your job promptly, we will take our time and do the best job, and at the same time not sell you products you don’t need. We do this not because we’ve been doing it for 20+ years, but because this is our hometown too. We see our customers at the grocery store, at the school events and just walking down the street. We’re proud of what we do and I think that shows up in the work of everyone here, from the boss down to the newest employee.

  1. Get a FREE Quote: Call us and we’ll come out and measure your space to get you a quote for you areas
  2. Pre-job Communication: We will contact the customer to confirm our arrival time.
  3. Pre-Inspection: Our manager will inspect areas to be cleaned and ask customer about any concerns or problem areas.
  4. Pre-Condition Traffic Areas: A biodegradable, phosphorus free, pre-spray will be applied to carpet, to loosen the soil from the carpet fibers.
  5. Spot Treatment: Any spots of concern or difficulty will be treated with appropriate spotter solution.
  6. Steam Clean: We will use our state of the art, hot water extraction system to clean, extract and rinse the carpet.
  7. Furniture Moving: Some furniture will be moved and cleaned under. Larger, heavier items can be worked around with no water sprayed on them or any chance of damage. All moved furniture will be protected with tabs.
  8. Apply Scotchgard®: NCCE uses ONLY Industry approved Scotchgard® or Dupont Teflon® and can apply this protection at the customer’s request along with carpet grooming for deep protection.  Only these carpet protectors will continue the guarantee from your carpet manufacturer. Don’t be fooled by other companies who use cheaper products that will actually void your carpet’s warranty!
  9. Speed Dry: Technician will use a high-velocity drying fan to aid transition areas from carpet to hard floor.
  10. Post-Inspection: Before leaving, technician and the customer  will double check all work and make sure customer is satisfied with the cleaning.